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Sea La Vie

Sea La Vie / In House Designer Heidi Slacum / Published: Apr-05-2019

"A sophisticated coastal design with a tasteful blend of both old and new." - Heidi Slacum


     Casual Designs is so excited to be launching their first blog with you! We hope this will become an outlet for our customers to find home styling tips and ideas. Our in house designer Heidi Slacum worked on this beach home remodel for about a year. When begining the design process, the Smith's told Heidi that it had always been their dream to live on the water and that dream had come true. They proceed to explain to her that they wanted a very clean and classic look while still creating a home that felt like they were at the beach. Heidi was able to incorporate some traditional pieces that mean a lot to the family but still made sure the home was freshened up with a custom coastal feel.

    From the start, the Smith's had told Heidi that they had a Persian rug that had been given to them as a wedding present. This rug had been so much apart of their life that they wanted to incorporate it into the design. The rug had beautiful coastal blues and tans and made everything tie together. When the Smith's first moved into their coastal dream home the walls were gold and the rest of the home was just outdated. With some change in paint color and a complete kitchen renovation, Heidi was able to bring the Smith's dream to life.

The Smith's wanted their home to reflect a soft coastal feel while being very inviting for their guest.

Once Heidi discovered how many changes were going to be made she quickly developed a relationship with the Smith's. . Heidi was able to find so many custom options for the Smith's to make sure they truly felt like this was not just a house, but a home. Another important thing to the Smith's was that they had a room that could be inclusive to all of the grandkids. They had a mix of boys and girls and they wanted a place that they could all enjoy. Heidi was able to use two sets of custom bunk beds and fun coastal bedding to make sure it was the perfect vacation spot for everyone. There were also a few items that the Smith's already had, including a sectional and a few accent chairs. Heidi was able to help transform the living room just by adding custom coastal pillows to the sectional that correlated with the reupholstered accent chair in the living room. All of the rooms elegantly flow together and coordinate. The Smith's home and Heidi's styling was featured in the 2018 Sand Castle Home Tour. This coastal dream home just makes you want to say "Sea La Vie".


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Category Designs / Published: Apr-05-2019